Agape Meal

“Agape” means spiritual love in Greek.

An Agape meal is dinner, with some prayers around it. By sharing food, we exemplify hospitality, community and love.

We gather as a community to share some food before we enter the family-time of Christmas.

Bring a plate to share. Bring a guest, if you like.

This is at a private home. Address details are shared with attendees closer to the date.

You can RSVP by email (use the Contact form) or via the Facebook event.

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Dinner & discussion

Wisdom, “Sophia” in Greek, is a divine figure for Jews, Gnostics and Christians.

What aspect of reality does Divine Wisdom reflect? What is wisdom for human beings? How does all this relate to a spiritual path?

Let’s talk about it over wine and food. Like the good old days.

These nights are an informal time to meet and get to know each other, but also to discuss what we’re reading, ask questions, and share ideas and experiences.

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Eucharist – the practice of union

Whether you understand Eucharist as a commemoration of Jesus final supper with his closest followers

… or as a survival of an ancient ritual to reweave the covenant between the Divine and the human, between heaven and earth

… or as a communal space of contemplation

… or as the service of praise in which we stand as angels around the Throne of God singing hosannas…

… it doesn’t matter – Eucharist is a mystery, endlessly generative of sacred meaning.

Each time we gather, we offer ourselves, our words, our love for each other, we listen, we pray out loud and in silence and we welcome the Presence as deeply as we’re able.

Each person makes their own sense of it. But we stand together in our practice of it.

Come. Give thanks and praise!

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