Mission Teresa de Ávila – Brisbane

Gianlorenzo Bernini-Ecstasy of St. Teresa-Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome
Ecstasy of St. Teresa – Gianlorenzo Bernini

Saint Uriel’s maintains a mission in Brisbane under the patronage of St Teresa of Avila. The mission is a lay group which holds occasional meetings; Bishop Tim Mansfield acts as pastor visiting at least twice each year.

The Brisbane mission is forming a regular narthex group with local, lay leadership. For more information about the group contact Saint Uriel’s and we’ll put you in touch with the local folks.

January 12th – Epiphany (actually Jan 6)

This day marks the culmination of the Christmas Season (12 days of Christmas) and the visitation of the Wise Men of the East to the Infant Jesus. Today we come together after the busy season of Christmas to, like the Wise Men, contemplate the Christos and its embodiment in the person of Jesus.

March 22nd – Martyrdom of Tau Harmonius; Holy Jacques de Molay (18th)

In 2014 the Holy Martyr Tau Harmonious (Constant Chevillon) was canonised (declared a saint) within the Apostolic Johannite Church for his “devotion to Christ and Gnosis in life, and martyrdom in death, and recalling the respect and esteem held by the community of Gnostics, Gallican Catholics, independent and esoteric jurisdictions throughout the world”1 When coupled with this week’s commemoration of the martyrdom of Holy Jacques de Molay we have the examples of two servants of gnosis who gave their all in its cause. Today we will not only remember them in prayer and meditation but also ask ourselves what we are willing to give, to ourselves, to others, and to the world, in the cause of gnosis.

June 28th – Nativity of John the Baptist (June 24)

In a dry land like Australia, a respect and reverence for the precious resource of water is natural. However in the ministry of John the Baptist and the communities like the Mandaeans we see the spiritual importance of water exemplified. Today we will celebrate water in our lives, the water of nature, and the water of the spirit that flows through and connects all life on this world.

October 18th – St Teresa of Avila (Oct 15)

St Teresa of Avila, the patron of our Mission, was a Carmelite nun who dedicated her life to prayer and seeking after a truly intimate union with the divine. Through her work, The Interior Castle (1577), we have a road map that we can use to lead us through the “Seven Mansions” and bring ourselves closer to God.
In today’s retreat program we will examine the seven mansions and spend time in contemplation of how we can apply the principles taught by St Teresa to our own path of light.

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