GLBTI Ministry

Myra + Izzo from ACON’s “This is Oz” project, 2011

The Apostolic Johannite Church was founded with full inclusion as a basic principle. The church has always welcomed all qualified women and gay men to the priesthood and joyfully celebrates sacramental marriage with loving couples of any gender. Actually, we want to put that in big letters:

If You Love Each Other, We Will Marry You.

The Parish of Saint Uriel the Archangel meets in Darlinghurst, the traditional heart of Sydney’s gay and lesbian community, just minutes from the glare and glamour of Oxford St, providing a connection for GLBTI people to Christian spiritual practice which is fully affirming of our entire being as human children of the Divine.

Bishop Tim Mansfield, our rector, is an openly gay man who lives with his partner Anthony. He has been profiled in the Sydney Star Observer. Our parish community is small but diverse, open-hearted, open-minded, non-judgemental and welcoming.

If you have found yourself excluded from full participation in a church because of your sexuality or gender and you’re drawn to contemplative prayer and a traditional style of liturgy, perhaps Saint Uriel’s is for you. Please come along to a service or group meeting and let’s meet each other.