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An Exploration of Love

For Saint Valentinus Day, I led an online workshop about the many meanings of love in spiritual life - hosted by St Teresa of Avila Gnostic Community in Brisbane. Click the image at the bottom to get to the recording on their YouTube channel. It's now also available...

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Gnosis and the Body

Talk Gnosis asked me back to talk with Father Tony Silvia and Jonathan Stewart about how our body (maybe bodies) play a role in spiritual life. It's a fun, open, exploratory conversation and we cover a lot of ground. Mr Stewart wrote a blog post summing the whole...

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A little Gospel of Thomas

Back on Talk Gnosis to chat with Deacon John Digilio and Father Tony Silvia about three sayings from the Gospel of Thomas - logia 25-27. 25. Jesus said, "Love your friends like your own soul, protect them like the pupil of your eye." 26. Jesus said, "You see the...

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About Us

About us

The Parish of St Uriel the Archangel is based in Sydney, Australia and is the cathedral parish of the Diocese of New South Wales. The parish is part of the Apostolic Johannite Church and is served by Bishop Tim Mansfield as rector.

We are a gnostic, contemplative, inclusive, Christian community. We encourage freedom of thought, diversity of belief and we share a strong commitment to spiritual practice. Our community is small, intimate and welcoming. If you’re interested in pursuing your personal spiritual journey in community with others, perhaps you’re one of us.  You might enjoy reading more about Johannite spirituality here.

Our parish extends a special welcome to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex people. Read more here.

We encourage you to consider visiting, joining or volunteering. Mostly though, we’d like to meet you, just as you are.


Bishop Tim photo

photo © 2009 William Yang

Bishop Tim Mansfield is the rector of Saint Uriel’s. He was ordained a priest by Bishop +Shaun McCann in San Francisco in May 2008. He was consecrated as Bishop of New South Wales in May 2012 in Sydney.

If you have need of a priest for any reason, please get in touch using the contact form.

Other Local Johannite Communities

Mission Teresa de Ávila – Brisbane

Gianlorenzo Bernini-Ecstasy of St. Teresa-Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome

Ecstasy of St. Teresa – Gianlorenzo Bernini

We maintain a mission in Brisbane under the patronage of St Teresa of Ávila. The mission is a lay group which holds occasional meetings; Bishop Tim acts as pastor and visits at least twice each year.

For more information about the group contact Saint Uriel’s and we’ll put you in touch with the local folks.

Holy Sophia Narthex – Melbourne

The narthex – or lay-led community – in Melbourne is under the patronage of Holy Sophia, Divine Wisdom. The narthex holds regular services and discussions; Bishop Tim acts as pastor visiting at least twice each year.

Regular meetings are in a private home, so please contact us using the contact form if you are interested in attending and she will send you the address.  We usually share a meal after a service or meeting and you are most welcome to join us for as much or as little of the program as you like.

Mission Notre Dame Des Lumieres – Auckland


We maintain a Mission in Auckland, New Zealand under the patronage of Notre Dame Des Lumieres (Our Lady of the Lights). The mission is a lay group which holds occasional meetings; Bishop Tim acts as pastor and visits when he can.

For more information about the group contact Saint Uriel’s and we’ll put you in touch with local Johannites.

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