Centering Prayer, Eucharist this week

Theme: Spiritual Progress

Sunday, 26 September

Gnostic Christians have often been labelled “elitist”
for observing that spirituality develops as we practice. Long term
practitioners develop in their sense of intimacy with the Divine, their
sense of freedom from ego increases, their emotional reactivity drops.
Really, it would be surprising if spirituality did not develop, since
every other skill we practice tends to.

None of this makes the advanced practitioner any better
or more valuable as a human being in the eyes of God, but many people
report a deeper, richer embrace of  humanity that arises as
practice unfolds over years.

This week, the theme in the liturgical calendar is
“spiritual progress” and we’re approaching it a few ways. At the Contemplative
Prayer Meetup
on Sunday, we will be discussing some models of
spiritual progress and doing some Centering Prayer practice together.
At the Eucharist service, we’ll have readings and a
homily about the theme. Afterwards, we’ll have tea, snacks and an open

Come as you are, stay as long as you like. I’d love to
see you.

Father Tim+