What is gnosis? A visit to Holy Sophia

Holy Sophia Narthex in Melbourne is the second-oldest AJC group in Australasia. I’ve been visiting for nearly ten years as the group has ebbed and flowed, but slowly, steadily grown in numbers and spiritual depth.

Over the last year, the group has been led by Adam and Thomas who make a warm, welcoming team. Adam is a gifted musician who works as a carer. Thomas is deeply-read esotericist who work in research management. Between them they awaken both heart and mind in different dimensions.

Adam welcomed us all to his home. We shared a meditation and a Eucharist liturgy. I was very grateful that Adam (voice and mandolin) and Stuart (drum) wove music beautifully through the service – it’s rare to have music in our small groups.

We shared lunch and talked about the service, about life and about the future of the group. As it happened, the heating in the house was broken, so it was considerably warmer outside than in. On Adam’s suggestion, we all went for a walk in the park nearby. 

Weirdos under a tree

As usual, the presence of a river and trees took the discussion in a deeper direction. At some point, Jonas pointed out that we rarely talk about gnosis much or how to go about attaining it – which led to a conversation about what we each mean by it and whether we thought we’d experienced it. Vulnerable stuff.

What a gorgeous, precious day of warm companionship with the other strange souls on this very odd path. 

If you’re in Melbourne, get in touch with Thomas and Adam through the group website or Facebook page and make time to visit.


This month, we started a new thing – dinner. Well, a new thing for the parish; obviously dinner has happened several times before in human history.

We almost always have dinner after a Eucharist liturgy and the conversation always flows. But, it’s quick – everyone needs to get home. There’s not much time to get to know each other, or cover much ground.

I know most regulars pretty well, so I know that everyone who attends St Uriel’s has years of spiritual experience, extensive reading and study on lots of topics and a lot of inner depth. But it takes time to find all that out about someone.

So, once a month, more or less, I’ll be hosting a dinner somewhere public so that we can all get to hear more from each other and discover what I already know – what fascinating, inspiring, deep people you all are.

Make sure you check out the Event Calendar and put the dates in your diary and we’ll see you there next month!