This month, we started a new thing – dinner. Well, a new thing for the parish; obviously dinner has happened several times before in human history.

We almost always have dinner after a Eucharist liturgy and the conversation always flows. But, it’s quick – everyone needs to get home. There’s not much time to get to know each other, or cover much ground.

I know most regulars pretty well, so I know that everyone who attends St Uriel’s has years of spiritual experience, extensive reading and study on lots of topics and a lot of inner depth. But it takes time to find all that out about someone.

So, once a month, more or less, I’ll be hosting a dinner somewhere public so that we can all get to hear more from each other and discover what I already know – what fascinating, inspiring, deep people you all are.

Make sure you check out the Event Calendar and put the dates in your diary and we’ll see you there next month!