Event Program Jul-Dec 2018

Here’s what’s going on for the rest of the year.

12 Aug Dinner discussion
9 Sep Dinner discussion
28 Oct Eucharist – the practice of union
11 Nov Dinner discussion
Late Nov Introduction to contemplative prayer
22 Dec Agape meal

Dinner discussions serve both a social and educational purpose. They’re an informal time to meet and get to know each other, but also to discuss what we’re reading, ask questions, and share ideas and experiences. We’ll be holding these somewhere public (the venue may roam a little) on the second Sunday of the month.

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Eucharist is a core part of Johannite spiritual life. Liturgy brings us into the shared presence of the divine. This is a traditional service known by many names in different churches – Mass, Holy Communion, The Lord’s Supper, The Divine Liturgy – but we all share a common practice of bread and wine, though our understanding may be different.

Introduction to contemplative prayer is a one-day workshop about meditation – or contemplative prayer as well call it. How is it prayer? How do you do it? What does it? Why should you do it? Get your questions answered and get started with a modern form of an ancient practice that goes beyond mindfulness.

Venue and date to be announced. Sign up to the mailing list to stay informed.

What else is happening?

  • Bishop Tim will be in Melbourne on 25 August for a Eucharist service and workshop with Holy Sophia Narthex.
  • Johannite School continues to grow. New courses on spiritual practice and an introduction to gnosticism are coming over the next few months.
  • An online video course about the Apocryphon of John is happening very soon. We’ll announce sign-up details via the newsletter.

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Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash