Trimorphic Protennoia II – Dinner & discussion (Online)

Dinner discussions are an informal time to meet and get to know each other, to discuss what we’re reading, ask questions, and share ideas and experiences.

During this time of home seclusion, we’ll meet using a Zoom video conference (see below for instructions and the giant, friendly yellow zoom button). Please organise some food to eat while we talk, so we still observe the convention of eating together.

Trimorphic Protennoia

Last month, we began our inquiry into Trimorphic Protennoia, or The Three Forms of the First Thought.

The text is another text from the Nag Hammadi corpus (there is a single version in Codex XIII, no other copies of this text survive). It’s classified as “Sethian” material, so it’s within the same tradition as Secret John and several other texts.

We completed the first section last time, so this session we begin the second section.

How to access the text

Versions of the texts are available in most published collections. It’s in The Nag Hammadi Library and The Gnostic Bible, so you may already have it.

Several translations are also available at The Gnostic Society Library:

Please RSVP by email.

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Image: Photograph of a performance of “Barbelo, À Propos de Chiens et D’Enfants” by Anna Popek