Contemplative Eucharist – online

Eucharist (in some churches called The Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, the Mass, or the Divine Liturgy) enacts the weaving together of the Divine and the human, and of each of us into a sacred community.

The Eucharist is a mystery, endlessly generative of sacred meaning.

Each time we gather, we offer ourselves, our words, our love for each other, we listen, we pray out loud and in silence and we welcome the Presence as deeply as we’re able.


Make sure you download and read both.

Read this one as soon as you can and decide what you’re going to do. Some suggestions are for earlier in the day to get ready.

You need this to read from during the service, so either print it out or organise a quiet device to read from.

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This help article spells out how to download Zoom and join a call – if you’re unsure how to use it, take a look before the first call.