Dinner & discussion – August – Secret John 1

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An informal time to meet and get to know each other, to discuss what we’re reading, ask questions, and share ideas and experiences.

Topic: The Secret Book of John also referred to as the Secret Revelation to John or the Apocryphon of John or simply Secret John is perhaps the most significant gnostic text discovered thus far.

Less well-known than the Gospel of Thomas, Secret John is one of the earliest renderings of a gnostic cosmology and one of the most intriguing guides to the spiritual journey of the human soul.

Starting this month, we’ll be embarking on an in-depth study of Secret John. We’ll slowly explore the text over several sessions and then discuss what to do with, what it means for the spiritual journey and how it might ask you to respond.

Our first conversation, which may be mostly preliminaries, is at the regular parish Dinner & Discussion tomorrow night. Here are the first notes so you can prepare for the discussion or discover the text on your own at home if you’re unable to come.

If you don’t have a copy of the text already, I’d recommend the Waldstein & Wisse translation which is available at the Gnostic Society Library. Their translations of the short version and the long version are both available there.

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