Inner Holy Week ebook

How can any sensible person make sense of Easter?

Set aside the convention of interpreting the story of the crucifixion of Jesus as a piece of history and discover a new, powerful set of symbols hidden in plain view.

Can the Gospel guide your own journey to the depths of your self and beyond?

I believe it can.

“Inner Holy Week” is a compilation of emails written live during Easter week 2018.

It assumes the story of Easter is actually the story of your Self and the trials it goes through as it approaches total awakening.

Short, but action-packed!

Feedback for Inner Holy Week

“A true meditation.”

“What a beautiful premise/practise; this just made my day.”

“I’ve got a lot out of this series of posts. Thank-you so much for this kind guidance in a thing which is so simple but so profound that language often gets very much in the way.”

“… your words resonate very strongly with us”

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