Secret John 5 – Dinner & discussion – March

Dinner discussions are an informal time to meet and get to know each other, to discuss what we’re reading, ask questions, and share ideas and experiences.

This month we continue our discussion of The Secret Book of John.

Last time, we discussed the creation of the Archons and Sophia’s realisation. We also made our way through the creation of Adam’s “soul body”. This time, we’ll discover the surprising role of Eve as a part of the rescue mission of the upper realms.

If you read from section 15 – around the phrase “The Human ex­ists and the Child of the Human” or in some versions “The Man exists and the Son of Man” – up to the end. We’re unlikely to get that far in one discussion, but it’s good context.

Feel free to skip the part about the body aeons.

The first began to create (starting) from the head. Eteraphaope Abron created its head. Megiggesstroeth created the brain. Asterechmen, the right eye. Thaspomocham, the left eye. Yeronumos, the right ear. Bissoum, the left ear. Akiopeim, the nose. Banen Ephroum, the lips. Amen, the teeth. Ibikan, the molars. Basiliasdeme, the tonsils. Achcha, the uvula. Adaban, the neck. Chaaman, the vertebrae. Dearcho, the throat. Tebar, the right shoulder. [etc etc etc]

The notes for this month are here.

If you don’t have a copy of the text already, I’d recommend the Waldstein & Wisse translation which is available at the Gnostic Society Library. Their translations of the short version and the long version are both available there.

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